JH v. PS – Confidential Settlement reached at mediation before trial. 10/2/2017
Client slip and fall in local retailer.

WC v. JM – Policy limits tendered prior to filing suit. 8/29/2017
Auto accident   

HG v. CB - Insurance Company tendered policy limits at mediation prior to trial. 8/15/2017

CB v. SS – Insurance Company tendered policy limits at mediation. 7/24/2017
Auto accident. Client rear-ended.

RC v. CS – $1,550,000.00 Jury Verdict for Plaintiff 7/13/2017
Client was injured in while working on a boat. Pretrial offer of $0.00. Three-day jury trial resulted in verdict for client for medical bills as well as compensatory damages totaling over $1.55 millions dollars plus attorney's fees and costs.

JB v. KS – Insurance Company tendered policy limits. 7/8/2017
Auto accident. Client rear-ended.

HE v. LK - Insurance Company tendered policy limits. 7/7/2017
Auto accident. Client rear-ended.

CFR v. CB – Case Dismissed with Prejudice. 8/13/2015

Defended client that was sued for breach of contract and money owed.  Reached a favorable settlement to my client and case was dismissed with prejudice without judgment.

HS v. JG – Dissolution of Marriage 12/4/14
Dissolution Granted.

KG v. MS – Security Deposit 6/26/14
Represented Landlord in Trial winning claim to entire security deposit and attorney's fees and costs.

BOA v. GI – Foreclosure 6/18/14
Represented Debtor. Foreclosure dismissed outright. 

RF v. WM – Eviction 1/17/14
Represented Tenant. Eviction Order overturned and case dismissed.

Note: all cases are unique and results vary from case to case. Historical case results are no guarantee for similar results in your case.

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