Sex Sting Cases

Please view this short video about some of my experience handling Sex Sting cases. These cases are serious felonies that score prison. Most convictions also result in sex offender probation. These cases also carry life-long sex offender registration. 

Sex Offender Probation is also much more difficult that regular probation. Mandatory terms can include GPS monitoring, curfew, no living or staying in designated areas (such as close to a school), no attending events near children, no volunteering, no interaction with anyone under 18 (including family members) and no internet to name a few. (Additional Terms of Probation for Certain Sex Offenses)

Any violation of Sex Offender Probation usually results in additional jail or prison sentences for each violation. The state usually has 15-30 years of jurisdiction. The State Attorneys take these cases very seriously. 

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Experience Counts!

Make sure that the lawyer you hire has actual experience handling internet sex sting cases. Many lawyers advertise that they have experience handling cases. Even some that are “former prosecutors” have never handled an internet sex sting case! When you hire me, you get a lawyer that has actually prosecuted and defended sex sting cases. I have personally tried internet sex sting cases both as a prosecutor and a defense lawyer. I have drafted and argued motions that have resulted in actual dismissals of all charges against my clients, or reduced the charges to non-sex offenses (no sexual offender registration). Don’t be fooled by a snazzy website or good advertising. Ask any potential lawyer if they have ever handled an internet sex sting. Ask if they have ever tried an internet sex sting case. Then find out when, if ever, they went to trial. If they have never defended a client during a jury trial, or their last trial was more than a few years ago, you may need another lawyer. 

I have successfully handled sex sting cases throughout Florida, in Georgia, and Alabama. If you have been accused of this type of crime, call me immediately to discuss your case. Let my experience handling these cases from both sides of the aisle assist you in preparing your best defense.

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